Have a great summer? As we head into Memorial Day weekend, and the beginning of summer break for some, it wasn't exactly the typical ending to the school year. 

While most of us didn't love the late-May snowstorm that hit us this week in Colorado, the good news is, we're now drought free. Sun or no sun, school's out for summer...we think.

Hillary Van Der Zee shared the photo below with CBS4. Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen had to cancel the end-of-the-year picnic.

CU Boulder asked, 'January 22 or May 22?' Judging by all the green, we're gonna have to go with May 22, unfortunately.

Ponderosa High School's graduation looked like a lot of cold butts on bleachers.

Nothing says 'hello, summer' like a snowman. Literally, nothing.

Hey, at least someone enjoyed it.


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