Up at Antero Reservoir near South Park, Colorado, it's over 100 degrees warmer now than it was around this time last year. 

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The Colorado high country fishing destination, Antero Reservoir, is one of the coldest places in the contiguous United States quite often, and last December, it dipped to negative 50 degrees. On November 29 of this year, however, it was recorded to have reached a high of 57 degrees. That's a 107-degree difference from last winter, and certainly a record high for that date.

While the warmth and the dryness of our winter so far is a bit concerning because it's unusual, there's probably one person who doesn't mind the near-60 degree days at Antero Reservoir — the one dude who lives up there.

Despite its incredibly low temps in December of 2020, by the beginning of summer in 2021, Antero Reservoir was already hitting record highs. On June 5, Antero Reservoir saw a high of 78 degrees, the highest on that date in over 30 years.

This first week of December in Fort Collins will see some pretty warm days, including a high of 72 on Thursday, and highs in the 60s heading into the weekend with no rain or snow in sight. You can see the full forecast from the National Weather Service here.

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