With so many new restaurants coming to Colorado, we tend to forget all of the great ones that have closed, and we've lost along the way. Here are five restaurants that Coloradoans wish we had back.

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5 Restaurants We Miss In Colorado

Having lived in Colorado my entire life, I can look back on so many different restaurants that my dad would take us to while growing up that are sadly no longer around.

While the In-N-Out Burger, Raising Canes, Whataburger, and more of these chains that we had not had until recently in Colorado are all great, it's hard to beat the old-school feel and delicious food these chains that are no longer in Colorado brought to the table.

We took to Facebook to see what restaurants in Colorado people missed the most, and it's hard to argue with this top five.

Shakey's Pizza In Colorado

My dad still talks about how much he loved Shakey's Pizza when it was in Colorado. He talked us into stopping by one in California one of the last times we were out there, and I gotta be honest ... it was just OK. Some food just tastes better in Colorado, so who knows?

The Old Country Buffet In Colorado

To be honest, who didn't indulge in way too much food at a Country Buffet growing up? We went to the location in Westminster a lot and also hit the Fort Collins and Longmont Mall locations as well. My kids will never understand its awesomeness. Golden Coral is fine, but it's no Country Buffet.

Trail Dust Steakhouse In Colorado

Was it the slide, the cheap steaks, or the cutting of ties that we miss the most? The slide, duh. The Westminster location closed years ago, with the location down south following a few years later. Again, another Colorado treasure that my kids won't ever understand.

Furr's Cafeteria In Colorado

$6.99 all-you-can-eat steak?! No wonder this place isn't around anymore. It wasn't my favorite buffet because they had to serve you, and I felt like they judged if you went back for more. We went to the one at the old Northglenn Mall a lot ... My dad was sure that the blind guy who played the piano could actually see. Maybe he could.

White Fence Farm In Colorado

You used to be able to get this delicious chicken in many places around Colorado, including its farm location in Lakewood and even at Ball Arena (formerly Pepsi Center) and Elith Gardens. They went out of business for good at the end of 2018, and this, by far, was the number one mentioned restaurant that Colorado folks miss the most. Here are a few more places we miss...

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