Vandals are the scum of the earth, as far as I’m concerned.

A vandal (or group of vandals) struck 15-20 vehicles with spray paint in Old Town Fort Collins last night and Police are still searching for suspects.

According to The Coloradoan, a number of residents in the area of Whedbee and Myrtle awoke to find their cars spray-painted with black letters and scribbles.

Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to call Fort Collins Police Services at (970) 221-6540 or Crime Stoppers at (970) 221-6868.

As I said when someone keyed my wife’s car a few weeks back, breaking and vandalizing other people’s stuff doesn't solve any problems! All it creates is a big hassle for whomever’s stuff you've ruined.

I hope these spray can bandits get caught and punished accordingly.

[The Coloradoan]

Picture by Leonardo Cassarani, Flickr.