It usually takes a lot to make me angry, I can roll with most punches and can stay pretty level-headed in most situations. But when people go out of their way to ruin someone else's day, I get a little perturbed.

This morning I called my wife and found out that someone had keyed the driver's side of her car, from headlight to taillight.

She wasn't parked in two spots, she hadn't boxed someone in, she hadn't cut anyone off. She had just parked her car at the Orchard Town Center in Westminister to meet a friend and take our daughter inside Monkey Bizness.

Now, keep in mind this happened in broad daylight, between 9 and 11AM, in front a children's  play center!

What on earth would possess someone to so blatantly vandalize someone else's car?!

There was a security camera in the parking lot, but sadly it was pointed the other direction this morning, so we could do nothing but file in incident report.

I know it's a petty problem with all the terrible things happening right now, but its the lack of respect that really irks me. Breaking and vandalizing other people's stuff doesn't solve any problems, doesn't make you feel any better, and all it creates is a big hassle for whomever's stuff you've ruined.

Shame on you Mr. (or Ms.) car-keyer...shame on you!

Now I need a little faith restored in humanity. Here's is what I want you to do:

Go do something nice for someone else.

I don't care if it's a stranger or someone you know, just do something nice for someone else for no reason. It'd make my day (And probably theirs too).

And please comment below and share what you did with the rest of us.