Two years ago I had never heard of a yurt. Little did I know one of the leading companies manufacturing these is located in Montrose, Colorado.

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Yurts - Proudly Made In Montrose Colorado

Have you ever stayed in a yurt? Do you have any interest in owning a yurt? That's something you don't hear every day. "Hey buddy, you want to buy a yurt?"

Perhaps we should start at the beginning. What is a yurt? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a yurt is "a circular domed tent of skins or felt stretched over a collapsible lattice framework and used by pastoral peoples of inner Asia."

Were you aware there's a company right here in Colorado that manufactures these things? They're called Colorado Yurt Company, and they offer "handmade yurts" manufactured in Montrose, Colorado.

What Does One Have To Do To Own a Yurt?

Why would someone choose to buy a yurt? Well, according to

People around the globe look forward to their yurt getaways. But another reason is that they can be excellent investments. Yurts are durable, affordable, and easily rentable. When used as vacation rentals, they can earn back their cost quickly.

Investment potential! I recently published a post about the "Best Yurt Rentals In Colorado." While writing the post, I began to wonder where people were finding these things. Little did I know there was a manufacturer in Colorado.

According to Colorado Yurt Company's webpage, yurts are available and can be shipped in six to eight weeks.

I was curious as to the cost, so it seemed wise to conduct a poor man's yurt "price calculator" test. When ordering one of these, you'll be amazed at the options:

  • 200 square feet all the way to 706 square feet
  • optional roof and wall insulation
  • optional extra doors, including french doors
  • roll-up walls
  • window awnings
  • wood-framed glass windows
  • optional ceiling fan mounts
  • optional tinted bronze dome
  • optional stove pipe outlet

For this sample, I decided to go for the gusto and calculate a price for the deluxe "Full Snow & Wind" package. Since I'm a single guy, it seemed the smaller 16-foot, 200 square foot model would be adequate. My order also included optional wall insulation and an additional "basic" fabric window. Put simply, about as basic as it gets.

How much would you guess the final bill came to? When it was all said and done, the yurt, plus crating, plus shipping, came to $13,870.

Okay, while I'm still logged in and running this test, let's go all out. For the "Full Snow & Wind" package in the 706 square foot model, along with the roof and wall insulation, an additional french door, two wood-framed glass windows, a tinted bronze dome, a stovepipe outlet, the price came to $32,480.

Please note: the two examples above do not include the yurt platform.

Looking At a Yurt as a Place to Live

You've probably heard of a mother-in-law apartment, a.k.a. granny suite. Imagine, if you will, a mother-in-law yurt. Looking at the less-expensive version above, the $13,870 one, it seems like a reasonable investment. It can be erected quickly and then relocated assuming fate smiles on you and your mother-in-law ultimately moves on down the road.

Having a Yurt in Colorado as an Investment

I'm an idiot. I've been investing in rental properties for 20 years. They're a pain in the butt. It never occurred to me to rent out yurts.

According to, yurts are easy to outfit as vacation rentals. You'll find yurts advertised on sites like Airbnb all the time. Looking at Airbnb, some of the more highly rated hosts can earn rental incomes in the five to six-figure range.

Looking at Glamping Hub, a yurt rental just down the road from Grand Junction, Colorado, for the nights of September 28 and 29, 2022, would cost a total of $507 to rent.

Several Yurt Companies to Choose From

In addition to Colorado Yurt Company, there are several other manufacturers operating in the United States. They would include:

  • Pacific Yurts
  • Groovy Yurts
  • Yurts of America
  • Red Sky Shelters
  • Shelter Designs
  • Traders of Tamerlane
  • Walmart has a small yurt available for $110

A yurt may be the way to go. If you're looking for additional space on your property, or if you're looking to go into the rental business, this option is on the table. Interestingly, it appears one of the biggest names in the game is located right here in Colorado.

Take a Break from Civilization in These Colorado Yurt Rentals

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