Okay, I need to vent about a house I keep seeing on a street I drive down pretty frequently. For privacy and safety purposes, I'm going to be very passive aggressive in this post and not tell you what street or house number I am talking about. I will tell you, however, that this house is located in Fort Collins.

Your multi-day, mid-week garage sale is trashy, disgusting, and probably illegal in the City of Fort Collins.

I've seen the owners (possibly renters) of this home host week-long (at least 2 days long, minimum) garage sales outside their home - not once, but several times - in the last 2 months. This isn't an ordinary garage sale - it's a business being run from the home. (Again, for privacy purposes, I will not name the business, but it has to do with buying homes and estates.)

Not only is it completely trashy to leave huge pieces of furniture and other items out in a front yard - day AND night - for one week at a time, but it is also illegal in the city of Fort Collins.

According to fcgov.com, the number of garage sales a household can host per year cannot exceed 5 weekend periods in one calendar year. Weekend periods are defined by "Friday through the immediate following Monday."

You do not need a license to hold a garage sale and sales tax does not need to be included.

So what if they are operating their business from their home?

Fort Collins' Zoning Department requires that business owners obtain a Home Occupation License if they plan to do business from their residence within city limits. The license costs only $25 and needs to be renewed every 2 years.

Okay, so what if they're operating their business from their home and they've obtained the Home Occupation License from Fort Collins' Zoning Department, but aren't collecting sales tax on garage sale items?

I guess in that case, this home is just straight up trashy and disgusting.

Now, even if this trashy operation is completely legal, it's a Petri dish for thieves and mischievous behavior in the neighborhood. The items sit out all night (and day) - easy for someone to swing by and steal all of those items. Because it's so easy, what will stop thieves from finding out if there are other easy targets in the same neighborhood?

It's not my responsibility to call this person's HOA, because I don't live in the neighborhood. But I sure hope they're reported.

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