Every year it seems like a gamble when you send your kids out to trick-or-treat, but this year your kids could be in a new kind of danger, authorities warn parents.

Halloween Warning Getty Images
Halloween Warning Getty Images

Now that marijuana edibles are legal, they could find their way into your kids Halloween bags.

Fox News doesn't say that the police are facing a real threat, but do offer a new kind of warning this Halloween as an added precaution. Authorities go on to say that with the growing popularity of marijuana edibles the availability and choices are increasing.

There can be striking similarities between store bought candies, yes, marijuana edibles go beyond just brownies, and pot candies. The best bet for parents, if it looks suspicious, throw it away. If it isn't in a manufactured wrapper, like the typical candies, throw it out. Common sense will take you a long way, just don't forget to check your kids candy and remind them 10 more times not to eat anything until you've done so.


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