This week, many Coloradans are carving up a pumpkin for Halloween night. We will begin to see these works of art on front porches and in windows up and down the streets of Grand Junction this week.

Carving a pumpkin usually means putting it on display. When doing so, what is the best way to light up your pumpkin without lighting up the entire block?

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Should You Use Traditional Candles in Jack-O-Lanterns?

Instead of traditional candles, you want to look for a flashlight or battery-operated candle. Tea lights or open-flame candles should only be used with extreme caution and only when you can observe the pumpkin. Never leave a candle lit inside a pumpkin if you will not be there to keep an eye on it.

In Grand Junction, you can find electric tea lights with the rest of the Halloween decorations at places like City Market. Click here to find more great and safe recommendations for lighting up your pumpkin this Halloween.

The Scariest Thing About Halloween

The National Fire Protection Association reports an average of over 1000 residential fires every year caused by Halloween decorations catching fire. Each year, this causes an average of six deaths and fifty-three injuries and has added up to over $16 million in property damage. the U. S. fire departments responded to an estimated 11,640 fires caused by candles from 2006 to 2010.

Important Halloween Safety Tips

If you decide to use a candle inside your pumpkin you should consider lighting it with long fireplace-style matches. Make sure the pumpkin is far away from decorations or anything that could ignite. Some of the most flammable decorations this time of year include dried flowers, cornstalks, and crepe paper.

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