Miss Brooke & Jubal over the air, January 14th-25th? Here are the last two weeks of hilarious bits, posts, and more.

1. Young Jeffrey Breaks the Internet

Or...you, know...tries to. Since the World Record Egg got the most likes on Instagram, Young Jeffrey tried to one-up the guy.

2. Past Jose giving us all the feels

Jose is so right! Stick with what you love and you'll be happy.

3. Intern Kia Flirts With Jubal

Honestly, that kind of flirting is much more successful than what goes on in my personal life.

4. Jubal Test-Drives a Lambo???

We don't know what's happening here, but we like it.

5. Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

This one hits REALLY close to home.

What was your favorite Brooke and Jubal segment this week?

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