From decadent, assorted platters to a wide array of cheeses to choose from inside the quaint, midtown shop, Fort Collins' The Fox and the Crow offers some of the best cheese in the country – and that's a fact, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In a recent article, titled "Where to Find the Country's Best Cheese," The WSJ highlighted independent cheese shops across the nation, that truly take the time to educate their customers and connect them to small-scale and local cheese producers. These shops are staffed with cheesemongers who have a passion for what they sell, and embrace the communities they serve.

According to the Wall Street Journal article, The Fox and the Crow Cheese Shop and Bistro do what they do very well. They offer classes and clubs where customers can learn about everything from platter placement to pairing, or the ins and outs of how a cheese is made. But also simply in the everyday selling and buying of cheese, they are master mongers and turn customers into enthusiasts on a daily basis. Their intimate setting in the heart of Fort Collins is a great space to sit and sample amazing cheese and meat boards, sandwiches or sharables, paired with craft beers, cider, and a selection of wines.

The Fox and the Crow is located in the Scotch Pines Village, at 2601 South Lemay Ave Unit #9.

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