With the romance surrounding Valentine's Day, it's easy to get caught up in the honey glow... However, are you blinded from the signs if you are in the right relationship? Too often people are so fixated on being with someone by Valentine's Day, they end up with an incompatible partner. Howtothinkpositive.net has put together a list to make sure you're with the right partner.

No games:

It's all to obvious that "playing games" is something to avoid when you're single. But then why to most new relationships fall into this tangled web?

Everyone is on the same wavelength:

Make sure you both are on the same page when you start and where you are going. If one person is ready to settle down and have kids, while the other is looking for a long tern courtship with no children. It may be a good idea to end it before ti starts.

The line of communication is clear, honest and open:

You should never be in a relationship if you are afraid to be honest with your partner. All topics should be fair game.

Consistent loving deeds reinforce loving words:

Words are great... but following that up with action really lets the other person know how you feel.

Presence, vulnerability and honesty are held sacred:

It may sound difficult and uncomfortable. But the most successful relationships are ones that are open, with everyone revealing their deepest thoughts and concerns, sharing them with their partner. If you are not able to do this... you may not have yet found the one.