If you've been wondering where the snow has been all season in the Front Range, it looks like it will show itself once again on Friday.

According to Denver 7, you'll need to put away the shorts for at least one day and be thankful that Mother Nature is bringing some much needed moisture to the region.

The spring storm will bring snow to the mountains on Thursday however we'll still experience warm and windy conditions throughout the day. It's Friday where the chill will be back in the air and you also will probably need the heat on in the house.

While the track of the storm system is still in question, as of right now it looks like it will start as rain while changing to snow Thursday night. The entire region has the possibility of seeing heavy snow on Friday. However if that doesn't occur we will still see rain fall on the area to help with the dry conditions that we are currently in.

The possibility also exists for more rain to move into the area early next week.

We'll keep you updated on all the weather conditions as well as how the roads are Friday morning!

Credit: Denver7
Credit: Denver7



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