Unless it's something really cool. Then I would consider it. 

Just kidding... kind of. But, in all seriousness, with so many of my friends' names changing on Facebook recently, this has been on my mind. My name has been hyphenated my whole life, which means I have been getting the question, 'What will you do when you get married?' my entire life.

I'll keep it. Why? Because, it's 2016. To paraphrase my mother, a true trailblazer on the non-name-changing front who has been happily married for almost 30 years to my wonderful father (though she'll probably say 20 ;) ):

Women aren't men's property, why should we have to take their name? Why should we have to change for them Would a guy change his name to yours? Likey not. 

Let me be clear and say that I am not against women changing their names, I'm just against the idea that they should.

I see a lot of my friends tying the knot and hyphenating their names, which is cool I guess, but I already have an extra last name -- so no, when I get married, I'm not just 'going to add on to mine,' as commonly suggested to me.

Don't be silly. I already can't fit it any space that looks like this: NAME:________ DATE:________. THAT'S NOT ENOUGH ROOM.

Changing your name is a personal choice, and a lot of women are happy to honor their partner by taking his/her name, and if that's what they want to do, then that they should. For me, I take after my mom. If a guy is offended that I won't take his name, then I won't take his hand (Which I think speaks a lot about my dad's character, too. Go Dad!).

Plus, it seems like anything involving the government would be a pain in the ass and no thanks.

This often beckons the question 'What will you do when you have kids?'

Who said I was?

Take his/her name; leave his/her name. But, do what YOU want to do, not what society has taught you is 'right.' 

*Gets off soap box*

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