I did a previous blog on my favorite event of the summer and that's the Greeley Art's Picnic and here is why.I have attended many arts festival but in my honest opinion, Greeley's Arts Picnic is one of the best. They have vendors that you will form relationships with and go back to every year. I have my favorite artists that I have to go check out every year and end up falling in love with a new piece that is one of a kind mine. They have a huge variety of vendors as well, from artists that make clothes to paintings to flowers out of metal and road signs, to jewelry. What's better too supporting local artists from Colorado? The skills and items are top notch and not cheaply made either.

There's also tons of entertaininment as well. Live music plays both days all day and the food court is huge! There's even a beer garden serving beer and other alcoholic beverages. You won't want to leave the arts picnic without Kettle Corn either. I found the best Kettle Corn from the Arts Picnic as well. Plus, children won't be bored with tons of crafts and activities to try. Just one visit and you will see why I love the Greeley Arts Picnic. There's plenty of time to enjoy as it will continue tomorrow July 26 from 9am to 4pm. The address: Lincoln Park 802 10th Ave Greeley.

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