Whether it be laughing along with Ellen, getting caught up on politics and news with Jimmy Fallon, or shaking your head at Jerry Springer, we all have our favorite daily talk shows that keep us tuned in to the world. They're all entertaining, but when it comes to Coloradans, which talk show host is considered to be the most popular? Cabletv.com and Reviews.org teamed up to figure out an answer to this, as well as every other state's favorite TV talk show host too.

Map courtesy of CableTV.com

Using data gathered from over the past five years, analysts determined that out of the nine most prominent television talk show hosts, Coloradans apparently enjoy watching British conservative, Piers Morgan more than any others, regardless of his CNN show being cancelled in 2014. The study continued by comparing the same hosts in head-to-head maps for the state of Colorado, and results showed that when it comes to playing favorites, Jimmy Fallon beats Stephen Colbert, Ellen is favored over Oprah, John Oliver beats Trevor Noah, and people prefer Dr. Phil over Jerry Springer. As for the entire country, Ellen is by far the top choice...because who wouldn't want to be her BFF? Check out the full study here, and place your vote for favorite TV talk show host below.