You've probably seen this filter everywhere-- the bronzed-out photo with light effects, and that little '1998' stamp in the bottom-left corner. From Kourtney Kardashian to Nick Jonas, it's that filter that we've been seeing everywhere lately. But what is it?

Because I was curious (and selfishly wanted to make all of my photos look like Priyanka Chopra's, because who wouldn't?) I did a little research, and now I impart my wisdom onto you.

The app that all the celebs have been using is called HUJI, and I must say, I'm officially addicted.

Maybe it's our addiction to nostalgia-- we want everything to look the way it did in the nineties-- or maybe it's just our love of imperfection. That's the whole thing about HUJI: it makes your photos warm, vintage, a little blurry, and overall, just adds a layer of cool.

You can download HUJI for yourself right here and start making your photos look celeb-worthy...I know I'm happy with how famous I officially feel (kidding). Happy snapping!

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