You can now text 911in Weld County if you are not able to call.Weld County has now become Text-to-911 capatable for situations where calling would endanger someone further or for those that are hearing impaired. Although this feature is very useful and possible life saving feature it should not replace calling 911 if at all possible. Text-to-911 is should be a main resource for those that are hearing impaired and are not able to call 911. If you are in an area of bad cell phone reception, Text-to-911 can be an option as well. Anyone is allowed to use Text-to-911 if an emergency arises.

Not only will Text-to-911 be helpful to those that are hearing impaired but it will be an extremely helpful tool in situations that would be harmful to those in need of help that would be put into danger if heard. Situations such as a break in, hostage, kidnapping, or domestic violence situation. Situations where, if the person in danger is heard, they would then be in more of harms way. All of those creative phone calls of pretending to order a pizza, can now be a Text-to-911 situation and police can be notified without saying a word. Text-to-911 though should only be used if calling 911 is not the ideal option due to text messages not being as reliable and possibly being received out of order.

In situations that Text-to-911 is needed, it should be sent without any slang and should be easily understood and precise in order to get the correct help as soon as possible. In to "To" field of the text message simply put 911 and be sure to send your exact as possible location of where you are needing the help so they have your location to send help to. Next, send a brief description of the situation and when the dispatcher responds, answer all questionsto the best of your ability. They ask that no photos or videos be sent nor emojies or abbreviations. They also ask that you use simple language in the text messages and know that Text-to-911 is helpful but does have limitations.

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