Karaoke that you will not need help with the words for. Even if you don't know every song to your favorite movie, you know the Disney hits well enough to compete in a Karaoke competition. It's the one night that will bring back not only the cult classics of Disney but it will remind you of the movies that you grew up on. I, for one, would not need any help with any song from Beauty & the Beast of course...a very popular Disney movie. Show off your skills and love for the Disney movies at the Dungeons and Drafts pub,1624 S Lemay Ave in Fort Collins.

Disney Karaoke is a great way to discover this one of a kind pub in Ft. Collins. Not the average pub, Dungeons and Drafts takes its own spin on hanging out with friends and having a beer. A bar that is for all those that are gamers or that love to just go to a bar that has different, awesome events, like Disney Karaoke. Come check out a new, cool bar while belting out A Whole New World on this night of Karaoke you will not forget and surely return for more fun.

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