We use it every single day to find information, spell words correctly and get reviews for places we'd like to go out to dinner. Google is an awesome part of everyday life. Maybe you Googled something and thought to yourself "hmmm... I wonder if anyone else Googled this too?". I have totally done that! Google Trends mapped out the most Googled things for 2016 by state. Here in Colorado, we have a big one! After the Broncos took home the win for Super Bowl 5, there was a lot of speculation of whether or not Peyton Manning would stick around for another season. Not too long after that, he announced that he would be riding off into the sunset and enjoying Sundays at home.

Here are the most Googled things by state in 2016:

Credit: Estately.com
Credit: Estately.com

Our neighbors to the north in Wyoming Googled Gene Wilder the most.

Our Neighbors to the west in Utah Googled Gilmore Girls the most.

And our neighbors down south in New Mexico Googled Mars the most.

The oddest one came out of California with "2016 worst year ever?".


Source: Estately

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