Sometimes having a great view is everything and in Colorado, we're lucky enough to have some amazing views. One Colorado city, in particular, was just ranked Top 10 in the country for best residential views.

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Colorado City With Best Views

People love having great views. They'll literally pay extra money on a hotel room for a pool view on a family vacation. Or maybe you're in Vegas with your BFFs or with your partner, you're probably going to want a better view of the strip, right? Maybe you're at a Disney Resort and want that priceless fireworks view etc. Views can make any awesome situation or place, even better, and if you're willing to pay, you can experience some pretty spectacular views. My view below, for example, is not that good...

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

While my view from the studio in Windsor, Colorado is pretty bad, there's one Colorado city that offers fantastic residential views. In fact, it was just ranked in the Top 10 for best residential views in the entire country.

What Colorado City Has The Best Residential Views?

The folks at Lawn Love set out on a mission to locate the best views in the country city by city.  They looked up how many homes in the area have access to fantastic views, including mountain views, city skylines, water, open grassy areas and parks, and more. After compiling all of the information, they ranked Colorado Springs, at number 7 on their Top 200 list. While Colorado Springs does have some amazing views, I was surprised Fort Collins was so much further down on the list because FoCo has some amazing residential views.

Denver was the second best Colorado city coming it at number 37, Lakewood at number 48, and Fort Collins finally on the list at 56. The last Colorado city in the Top 100 was Thornton at number 74, which is odd to me because it's so far from the foothills. Boulder didn't even make the Top 200 which is also odd because it's a very pretty city. For reference, Honolulu, Hawaii, was ranked number one. Speaking of awesome views...

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