A wild box turtle's life was changed for the better following a chance encounter with the Weld County Sheriff's Office a few weeks ago.

During her afternoon shift on April 14, animal control officer Caitlin Perun stopped to help a turtle cross Ledyard Road South in Platteville. When Perun picked up the turtle, she noticed one of its toes had been severed.

Because of its injury, Perun transported the turtle to a veterinary clinic that specializes in exotic pets. The box turtle received treatment for his toe injury, and while there, vets also inspected damage to its shell. The damage to the turtle's shell was determined to have happened nearly five years ago and had healed.

Officer Perun picked the turtle up the next day, and returned him to the area where she originally found it. Ironically, this specific location in Platteville is where researchers are currently studying turtle populations.

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