I thought my heart broke when I found out the palm oil used in Nutella was harmful to the environment and caused cancer. Then, I found out that there are traces of cockroach poison in La Croix.

Guys. I'm already dealing with the side effects of aspartame in my Diet Coke. Can we just STOP?

Apparently not. According to 9News, an ingredient found in weed killer was just found in several popular breakfast cereals and snack bars, including Honey Nut Cheerios. The chemical is called Glyphosate, and is the main ingredient in weed killer brand 'Roundup'.

Quaker and General Mills assure the public that the levels are safe for consumption, and maybe that's true. My takeaway after all this? Know what's in your food, and be smart about what you're eating...all poison is okay in moderation.


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