Rolling Stone took an online poll to determine the worst song of the 1980s, and their readers chose “We Built This City” by Starship to be the worst song of the 1980s. Europe came in second with “The Final Countdown," and the crooning  Chris de Burgh was third for his ballad “Lady in Red.”

80's music still has a soft spot in my music- listening heart, and if you're anything like me you'll probably have a small problem calling these the "worst songs of that decade", and more apt to call them the "ten songs that will be stuck in my head for the next next."

Read more the see the whole top ten, complete with links to their respective videos.

Rolling Stone's 10 Worst Songs of the 1980s:

See? I told you, I think I could sing along to every one of those tracks! And really,  "The Safety Dance?" How did that song make the worst-of list?!  Anyone who doesn't like "The Safety Dance" is no friend of mine!

Dear Rolling Stone readers, I think you got this list wrong. What about Prince's "Batdance," Bruce Willis' "Respect Yourself","Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time," or Menudo's "Hold Me?"

Now THOSE were some terrible songs.

What do you think the worst song from the 80s is

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