When Winter Storm Xylia hit, she struck hard and fast and left lots of people in all different kinds of tough situations. One of those situations, and definitely one of the most heartbreaking situations that THANKFULLY ended happily, occurred just south of Denver in Elizabeth, Colorado, when a family had to choose between them...and their dog.

According to 9News, Seth Rodenbaugh was driving with his 5-year-old son and puppy, named Marshmellow, when they got stuck in a snow drift half as tall as their vehicle doors less than a mile from their home.

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They had to abandon the truck and trek their way home in the middle of the snowstorm, and while Seth hated to do it, he had to leave the pup behind while he carefully carried his son through the deep snow on his back.

After making hit home safely, Rodenbaugh called Elizabeth Fire Rescue and gave them the heads up that there was an abandoned pup in their truck, and they sprang into action.

It took the fire and rescue squad nearly 45 minutes to get to Marshmellow, thanks to waist-high snow drifts, but they were able to get the pup out and back home safely to the warmth of its family.


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