Swipe left on the next love of your life! The love that comes with slobbery kisses and tail wages...the best kind of love!Bark 'N' Borrow has already got me in love and addicted! Whether you are wanting to adopt or would like to be a professional dog sitter, Bark 'N' Borrow will have you swiping for hours!

The app connects to your local Shelters for all of those looking to adopt! Which is how you should find your next love on four paws! Adopting from a shelter will change your life and perception of these dogs! Find one that you adore and you can set up a date to meet them at your local shelter.

If it's not the right time to take on that responsibility but you're like me and oogle and baby talk to any dog that you see...you can become a professional dog sitter! It'll connect you to those locally in your area that need a dog sitter and you can swipe to help them out!

Finally! A way to fill that gnawing void in your life! Happy Swiping!