Puppy Trapped Under Car Bumper During 2-Hour Drive
A one-year-old dog has survived after being trapped under a car bumper during a 125 mile drive.
The puppy wasn't discovered by the man who hit him until 2 hours after the incident - which he says he didn't realize what had happened. Immediately upon finding the trapped puppy in the town of …
Dog Opens Can [Video]
Give a dog some food, he eats for a day. Teach a dog to open a can of food, he eats for a life time... or until you have to go to the store to get more for him to open. This dog does just that. He opens his own can of food. Obviously he has to to survive because his owner is too busy filming him to …
Woman Tries To Priority Mail Puppy
You Can't Mail Dogs.  If you try to, you go on Beano's naughty list (It's kind of like Santa's, only less people care). 39-year-old Stacey Champion has been charged with animal cruelty because she tried to mail a 4-month old puppy to Georgia.
Dreaming Puppy [VIDEO]
What can be said about this overly cute video? It's so cute it makes you want to cry? Who knows? What I do want to know though is, what is he dreaming about? Maybe its about competing in the Iditarod, or running free in the wild with his pack, chasing a squirrel perhaps? Whatever he is dreaming…