Horses are pretty incredible creatures. Beautiful, elegant, impressive are just a few of the adjectives I'd use to describe them but musically inclined?

Not so much really, until now that is.

There is a horse rescue sanctuary near Colorado Springs that does some amazing work taking great care of horses that come from kill pens and that are just in need of some love and care and that includes giving them an outlet to let loose with their creativity.

Check out the music industry's newest sensations, Brooksie, Lady and Wesley who seem to be living life to the fullest showing off their musical talents:

YouTube/Viral Hog


Also, a very special shout out to the incredible folks at Misfit Crew Sanctuary in Colorado Springs for all of the wonderful work they do to ensure these and other horses will go on and have the best life possible.

As disgusting as it is, so many people mistreat animals and only use them for whatever they need them for and forget about them or neglect them.


That's where the Misfit Crew comes in to make sure animals are safe and happy...and c'mon how happy do these guys look?



Hey Misfit Crew Sanctuary, thanks for all you do.


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