It does seem like a brilliant idea: A gizmo to hook into the seat benches at Red Rocks Amphitheatre to hold your pricey drink. Nobody likes a spilled beer, but is it really a 'great' idea?

Heaven knows that I have bought my share of $12 beers at Red Rocks and been paranoid that someone (or myself) will kick it over while it's sitting on the ground/walkway, while I hoot, holler and clap for a band; for that, I can see where this is great.

According to The Gazette, this gizmo is the Red Rock Cup Holder, a creation of someone who has done security at Red Rocks. It makes sense: who better to see a 'better way' to handle drinks at the venue, than someone who's seen plenty of shows and spilled drinks.

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The Red Rock Cup Holder can hold cans and cups as it hangs from in between the slats of the benches we sit on. It is pretty nifty.

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Why the Red Rock Cup Holder May Not Be a Great Idea

  • I would be bound to leave it behind. I would make a big deal about how I have this great cup holder, and then after 3 beers during a Matchbox 20 show, I'd be in the parking lot before I remembered it.
  • When I watch the assembly of the cup holder, I picture a drunk patron taking it apart, and using the stick as a weapon. Is that paranoid?
  • $20 seems pricey, especially if I have get one each time, because I keep forgetting to bring them home.

What are your thoughts on the cup holder?

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