I always say the smaller and more underwhelming the place looks, the better the food. Now, this isn't always the case but for the most part, everywhere I've gone that has some of the best food, is usually just a modest, casual and many times dingy looking spot in a super old building or tucked away in some alley.

Underwhelming and unassuming when it comes to the outside but once you step foot in a place like this, you can many times see, smell and feel why the food is going to be fantastic and that seems to be the case with  Pie Hole in Denver.

Cheapism ranked the best hole in the wall pizza places in the United States and one spot in Colorado made their list, and that spot is good ol' Pie Hole in the Mile High City.



Even though I've never stepped foot in the place, I'm 100% sold on the place thanks to the experts who checked it out and considered this place good enough to put on their "best hole in the wall pizza places in the United States".

This is what the writers and pizza tasters had to say about their overall experience at Pie Hole Denver:

"Pie Hole is a no-frills slice joint on the south side of Denver. Practically every surface is covered with murals or graffiti, or paper plates with customers' drawings on them. The Drunk Candy slice is a favorite with Canadian bacon, jalapeno, and pineapple. This place stays open until at least 2 a.m. so it's a favorite late-night stop when you've got the munchies."


Yummy.  I'm all in and ready for a slice or 5 at Pie Hole which is located at 44 South Broadway the next time we're in Denver.

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