Ordinarily, when you hear about a 'Flash Mob' it's about people breaking out into a choreographed dance routine. This was not what Lakewood saw in late January.

According to Westword, 'flash mobbing' regarding mask use has been happening at Natural Grocers grocery stores across the country and Colorado recently.

The premise is that a group will go 'shopping' at a store without wearing masks and record their excursions. I guess their hope is to have mask-use at grocery stores ended (though I'm not sure exactly what they want.)

Oftentimes, these 'flash mob' members go in, do their shopping and check out, all while giggling and presenting an overall attitude of 'You can't stop us.' According to Westword, Natural Grocers has a policy of not confronting those who don't wear a mask while in their stores.

In this latest video, the group seems very pleased with themselves. 'Have a good night! Kindness wins!'

It really reminds me of when my brother and I were kids and one of us would complain to mom about the other: 'He keeps touching me!' - 'Dave, stop touching your brother.' Then, I would just taunt him by getting nanometers close to him but still NOT touching him.

'What? I'm not touching you. Isn't this what you wanted- for me to NOT touch you? You're going to have to make up your mind...'


Here's the video of the 'Freedom Flash Mob.'

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From the video posting:

Natural Grocers states that they adhere to local mandates yet they will not let you in their stores if you cannot medically tolerate a mask. This brave group of people from all different backgrounds shows you that Natural Grocers cannot deny you service.

So, they want to prove that you can shop at Natural Grocers if you are unable to wear a mask. To do so, they have to gather a group of people to parade around in the store without masks. It doesn't seem like that's necessary, to me.

'It's our right to be here,' seems to be the statement they're trying to make.  Very true. Slow clap for proving a point.

I don't think many stores are about to take on a group of people doing a protest; there just aren't enough staff members available, what with taking care of customers who are minding their own business and not protesting how 'America isn't free, because this store is making me wear a mask to buy granola.'

Mask use, regarding the pandemic, will continue to be with us for at least another six months. I think it's time to find better things to do with our time than to complain about it.

Source: Westword]


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