Everybody's hungry after a nap. Maybe that's why this black bear hit up the school's cafeteria after waking up from hibernation. 

OutThereColorado.com has the story on how on Monday (April 8, 2019), students at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs were apparently in the cafeteria when they spotted a black bear coming out of a culvert on the school grounds.

The bear may have been attracted to the unlocked dumpsters at the school, where he looks to have been hibernating in the culvert there on the school's property.

Whatever the case, the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife showed up and used a combination of pepper spray, rubber buckshot, and bean bags to get the bear to move on. They took it easy on the bear, as to not put it down as having a 'strike' - which could lead to it needing to be euthanized if it shows up again.

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