When Spring comes around to a lot of other places, it means flowers, nice weather and the start of summer. Springtime in Colorado means something totally different... Snow.

Credit: Matt Sparx

We'll see almost 80 degrees on Tuesday, but the weather is going to change drastically come Wednesday. Another Bomb Cyclone is expected to build across Colorado, moving into the midwest. Numerous counties in the state are already under a winter storm watch. Those counties include Arapahoe, Adams, Boulder, and Elbert. The winter storm watch starts on Wednesday at noon and will be in effect until Thursday. Temperatures are expected to drop up to 40 degrees over the course of a few days. As of right now, it looks like most if not all of Colorado could be missed by the second Bomb Cyclone, but you know how the weather in Colorado is... Unpredictable.

Source: DenverChannel