If you wear a hat for shade, then you can absolutely say that this home in Wheatridge comes with a hat.

When you first glance at this home, it almost looks like a U.F.O. is about to blast it from existence until you realize it's part of the roof, and attached.

Zillow has this home listed, currently marked down almost $100,000, to $1.9 million. It's off of 32nd Avenue and Kipling and has a wildlife sanctuary across the street.

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It was built by a well-known and accomplished Canadian architect, Clifford Weins. Weins built this 7,500 square foot home for his daughter in 2009 and is the only home he ever built in the United States. I wonder what she was doing in Colorado?

The 5-bedroom, 5-bath home has luxuries including a sauna, a hot tub, a six-car garage, for when you have friends over, and a  2,000 square-foot rooftop entertainment space.

The 'shade' for the roof is a sculpted steel apparatus that not only provides shade for the roof but also holds 55 solar panels and water runoff to an auxiliary retention pond.

Gauging by some of the photos, it looks like they may have had the lower may have been used a 'club,' with a stage, bar, etc.

Let's take a look at 9625 32nd Avenue:

9625 W 32nd Ave, Wheat Ridge

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