Is Taylor Swift really over? A vocal section of Twitter seems to think so.

Swift has long been considered a media darling, ever since her emergence as country's premiere pop princess way back in 2006. But ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris flipped a switch on that narrative when he eviscerated the pop star in a series of tweets earlier today (July 13), implicating Swift as both a mass manipulator and straight-up bully to nemesis Katy Perry.

Twitter has responded in kind: Users soon created the celebratory hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty, and wishfully declared that Swift's longstanding reign as one of mainstream pop's top acts has finally come to an end.

The majority of tweets feature GIFs of either ex-boyfriend Harry Styles (who, for the record, refused to badmouth Swift publicly, despite receiving plenty of ammunition from the "Style" singer), Kanye West, Katy Perry or any other handful of celebrities that have had rumored squabbles with Swift at some point behind the scenes.

Check out some of our favorite reactions — including Katy Perry's response to Calvin's tweets — below.

Katy later retweeted herself from 2015, because why not:

Throughout her unconfirmed feud with the "Bad Blood" singer, Perry has remained mostly quiet, opting to take the high road. There was that one Mean Girls reference, but she's stayed out of it for the most part -- so her sudden involvement caused a freakout from fans who saw her tweet as a public dragging.

Swift has yet to address Harris' comments or the backlash, but here's to hoping she at least writes a 13-song album about the experience.

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