He may have looked like any other guy with a beard outside the Aggie Theatre on New Year's 2018, but why was this (usually shirtless) sitcom star in town?

That's Derek Theler, one of the actors on Freeform's (formerly ABC Family) long-running show, Baby Daddy. Theler plays Danny Wheeler, the 'dumb jock' hockey player who has his shirt off. A lot.

Thankfully, he bundled up this weekend. In real life, he's got a bit more 'smarts' than his TV character. Theler graduated from Colorado State with a degree in health and exercise science before becoming an actor. He's also a Fort Collins native, which explains why he was here over the holiday.

After 100 episodes, the last of Baby Daddy aired in May of 2017, so we'll have to see what is next for Theler, and whether it involves a shirt.

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