Ladies, have you have ever tried to figure men out? (I know I have tried to figure women out and it just gives me headaches.) Well, there may be hope. A new website based out of Loveland is offering dating and relationship advice as

The website founder spent the past four years polling thousands of men to find out exactly what they want and she wants to help you with your relationships.

According to Fox 31, gives women access to 40 instructional videos a month on dating do’s and don’ts–along with fitness, beauty and self-esteem.

On top of instructional videos women can also send in questions for a panel of men to answer about any kind of relationship advice and the site gives you access to two psychiatrists who answer questions as well. Seems like it could be a very helpful site, and kind of cool to have it created just down the road from here.

What’s the cost of troubleshooting your man? $18.87 gets you three months of unlimited access.

Check out the story from Fox 31 about the Loveland-based website.

My first instinct is to jump in and say, "Hey, we men are simple to understand!" But, sadly I know that's a lie.

Ladies what is one thing you don’t understand about men? (I know you probably have a whole list of things, but just pick one.)

Comedian Brian Regan (One of my favorite comics) seems to sum up how different men and women think about things in this stand up clip. Enjoy!

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