Maynard James Keenan, of the band Tool, created his own wine (I just watched a documentary about that this past weekend). Now the band Train could be following suit. The boys in Train are supposedly in the process of creating their own fermented beverage.

Train are no strangers to the wine world. They already have a wine club that you can access on their website. Guitarist Jimmy Stafford likes to sample local wines while the band tours the world, and they share their favourites with fans of their wine club. But now the band is in talks with a northern California winery to make their own red wine blend.

The witty name they’ve rumored to have chosen for their wine? "Drops of Jupiter". Maybe the name of a song that won an award for best rock song, could also be the name of an award-winning wine. We'll see.

Being a part of these musician's world of wine doesn't come cheap though.  Rumors are that joining Train's wine club will run you about $480 per year, and joining Maynard's wine club is even more than that.