While we haven't had any major tornadoes this year (and hopefully we don't, because we are going through enough right now), data shows that tornadoes in Northern Colorado are much more likely in Weld County than in Larimer County.

According to data from Tornado History Project, there have been over 300 tornadoes in Northern Colorado Since 1950 — and most of them were in Weld County. Over the last 70 years, 272 of the 304 tornadoes hit Weld, meaning they have occurred 8.5 times more often there.

Of those 272 tornadoes in Weld County, there was a total of 92 injuries, and one fatality. That fatality was tragically during the May 22, 2008 tornado that wiped out Windsor.

We remember this day in 2008. It's the day when a tornado ripped through our quiet, small community. For many, it was a...

Posted by Town of Windsor Colorado on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Using the Fujita Scale, that tornado was 'F3,' the most severe in that 70-year period, meaning wind speeds were between 136 and 157 miles per hour and capable of destroying entire homes large buildings. The National Weather Service said that it 'swept north-northwestward across Weld County, carving a path of destruction, nearly 39 miles in length.'

Google Maps
Google Maps

Larimer County's strongest tornado on record since 1950 was also F3, on June 4, 2015. The National Weather Service reported that it 'tracked almost due west along the Boulder, Larimer county line' near Berthoud, was quarter mile wide, and 'at times, and had a path length of 6 miles.'

National Weather Service said that 28 homes were damaged, three completely destroyed, and only minor injuries were reported.

Since the tornado devastated Windsor in 2008, the town has since rebuilt. Take a look at what the mill looks like now.

Windsor Mill Tavern Opening Night

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