I've lived all over the country and when I've always thought about Colorado, I never really thought about tornadoes or of Colorado as a hotspot for tornadoes, and that's true...but for Weld County, we are THE hotspot for tornadoes and yesterday...Weld was just living up to its reputation.

However, east of the front range, and especially around I-25, is a very active spot for funnel clouds and tornadoes to touch down, in fact, Weld County is THE biggest hotspot for tornadoes and not just in Colorado, but in the entire United States.

According to the National Weather Service out of Boulder, Weld County has seen MORE tornadoes than any other county in the United States and we can add one more to the list after yesterday's tornado that hit around Platteville. It was actually a "landspout" tornado, Denver 7's Mike Nelson explains...

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YouTube/  The Denver Channel

I NEVER would've guessed Weld County would be #1 for tornadoes in the country, but in this next video, we learn some REALLY interesting facts on why that's the case, AND see some incredible footage.

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Here's one from this past year just past Lucerne...

YouTube/ Finding Focus Ministries


And who can forget about the big tornado that ripped through the heart of Windsor several years back?

YouTube/ Town Of Windsor


With this being severe weather awareness week and tornado season just around the corner, here's a friendly reminder and of things to do in case of a tornado.

  • Go to the lowest and smallest room
  • Get under something sturdy or in a hallway.
  • Get away from windows.
  • Cover yourself from blankets, pillows and coats to protect you from debris. If you have a bike helmet available, put it on.
  • Crouch as low as possible to the floor.
  • A bathtub may also offer a shell of partial protection.

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