We're spoiled in Northern Colorado with so many amazing places to eat around our towns. What specific restaurants in Loveland is the sweetheart city known for though?

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Top Restaurants In Loveland, Colorado

For as long as I've lived in and worked in Northern Colorado,  I'm amazed at how many local restaurants I've never tried, or even heard of. I asked our listeners what restaurants they felt Loveland was known for and we have ourselves a solid list of places that we ned to go out and try as soon as possible because they all look so delicious. Here are ten restaurants, some exclusive to Loveland, that you have to try.

A.K.A Kitchen

From breakfast favorites like their Huevos Rancheros to their "Monkley Burger," A.K.A. Kitchen in Loveland looks so good! 

Henry's Pub

One of my very best friends was just talking to me about Henry's the other day. Their Chicken Fried Chicken looks delicious. Not only was this a favorite among our listeners, but Yelp also has it rated as a 4.5-star review. 

Door 222

With a name like Door 222, I'm not sure I ever would have found this place. Their Chicken Sandwich and Bacon Pizza look delicious. 


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A Loveland favorite for breakfast and lunch. We're always looking for new places to eat breakfast so Doug's is on our list for sure.

Betta Gumbo

You'd be hard pressed to find "Betta" Gumbo anywhere else in Colorado. It's so good.

Ball Joint

The name alone should make you want to try out Loveland's Ball Joint... They've got a lot of balls. Sausage, Turkey etc. Can't wait to try this place.

CJ's Patio Grill

The food at CJ's looks amazing. On the list for lunch, soon! 

Pourhouse Bar & Grill

Another Downtown Loveland favorite. Whether you're looking for a fun place for food or drinks, they have you covered.

Taste Local

I hate that I've never heard of this place because it sounds like a real local favorite in Loveland and their food looks delicious. We'll be seeing them soon for sure. 

The Black Steer

A Downtown Loveland staple, the Black Steer, where they always have more parking in the rear, which is great because parking around there usually sucks. We love this place. Food is always top-notch.

There are many more great spots in Loveland but hopefully, these ten will keep you busy and full for a while. Up next we look at some great places in Fort Collins and Greeley.

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