As we approach a new year on the calendar we wanted to take a look back. We've all been busy this year with work, school, our families and spending time online. We did some research and found the 9 most visited stories on this year. Here's a recap of the articles you looked at the most in 2011.

  • Sasha Haagensen, Getty Images
    Sasha Haagensen, Getty Images

    Third Eye Blind to Headline 2011 Taste of Fort Collins

    We were just as excited as you to find out Third Eye Blind would headline the Taste of Fort Collins 2011. The show was awesome, and just about the entire city packed Civic Center Park in June to hear Third Eye Blind play in Old Town Fort Collins on that June evening.

  • Kama at a NCAP fundraising event
    Kama at a NCAP fundraising event

    Best Places to Meet Singles in Fort Collins – Kama’s Top Five

    They say Fort Collins has a pretty good dating scene, and apparently many singles are looking to mingle. Kama shared here top five places for singles to mingle in Fort Collins, and it comes in as the 9th most viewed article in 2011.

  • ABC News
    ABC News

    Mom Gives 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox Injections [VIDEO]

    This article had was in shock and had a lot of people commenting and sharing their thoughts when a mother gave her 8-year-old daughter botox. Check out the post again, and share your thoughts.

  • KARE 11 TV
    KARE 11 TV

    After 6 Years, Mom Completes Starburst Prom Dress For Daughter [VIDEO]

    This mom certainly is dedicated for working on a Starburst wrapper prom dress for her daughter for six years, and yup, it's pretty darn cool too! Your almost guaranteed no one else will show up wearing the same dress as you. This is an article you'll want to see again.

  • YouTube

    Best Places To Go Swimming In Fort Collins – Derek & Beano’s Top Five [VIDEOS]

    It's a little too cold for swimming outside this time of year, but we know that by May, you'll be ready to hit the pools again in Fort Collins. Many of you liked Bean and Derek's list of the best places to swim in Fort Collins, and I'm sure in a few months, you'll be needing this list to check out the cool pools in Fort Collins.

  • Facebook

    Places With the Most Unique Drinks in Fort Collins – Drew’s Top Five [PHOTOS][POLL]

    Drew took us to places with the most unique drinks (adult beverages) in Fort Collins. What's your favorite? Share your by answering Drew's poll and checking out this popular article again.

  • Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images
    Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images

    Passing Gas in Malawi is Now Illegal!

    According to MSNBC most people pass gas about 14 times a day. But the African country of Malawi is making the passing of gas in public an illegal activity and that caught Beano's attention to share this with you.

  • YouTube

    Who Sings That 'Jar Of Hearts' Song? [VIDEO]

    Many of you were very interested in that 'Jar of Hearts' song and wondered who sang it early in 2011. So much so it became one of our most viewed articles and you can check out the video of Christina Perri.

  • YouTube

    Air Force Band Covers Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” [VIDEO]

    And the most viewed article in 2011, an awesome video of the US Air Force covering Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep.' It's worth a second or third watch.

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