What every good Easter Basket posses that will not disappoint. Easter has snuck up around the corner. Which means Spring is here! Which means Easter Baskets are ready to be given. Here are my top 5 Easter Basket Essentials that are always so exciting to get!

5) Peeps! You have to have peeps! Even if you don't like them, you secretly hope you get them just to try one again to see if you like them this year.

4) Stuffed animal-usually a stuffed bunny. Bunnies are the most loved around Easter and there should be a bunny in every basket.

3) Activity book. Puzzles, brain teasers, coloring books are great ideas for Easter baskets. Something to do on the rainy days of Spring.

2) New sports ball. Basketball, soccer ball, baseball, even volleyballs. It's perfect timing to give a sports ball that will last all spring and summer.

1) Chocolate! Cadbury eggs, gigantic chocolate bunny that will take a week to eat, crispy egg shaped chocolate piece...there's so many varieties to choose from! You have to have some sort of chocolate in an Easter basket.

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