This holiday season can be a big time for local animal shelters for donations.In the spirit of giving this Holiday Season, the animal lovers in your life will most likely have their hearts turned towards local animal shelters to give a helping hand. Right now is the perfect time to give your time. Local animal shelters are always needing volunteers to help walk the dogs that are waiting for their forever, loving home but also volunteers to socialize the dogs and help ease the stress that the animals often experience being in the shelters. Not only is your time needed but often a lot of items that are not easily thought of are needed as well.

I recently spoke with a volunteer of the Longmont Humane Society, Colleen Agee, whom gave me great insight of what animal shelters are often short of and in the need of donations for. Things like blankets and towels for the dogs, and every day house hold items such as paper towels, laundry soap, dish soap, bleach, brooms, toilet paper, and other household items that keep the shelters running everyday. Toys and treats for the smaller breeds, older breeds, and older breeds are often in short supply. Kongs and peanut butter are always a good idea as well.

Often overlooked are the cats of the shelter as well. Items for these four legged family members are short supply. Kitten and cat beds are always appreciated as well as treats for the cats and of course, kitty litter are great ideas for donations to our local animal shelters. Something that struck me as such an immediate need but I never realized as well is the help of a handyman. A willing handyman to help out a few hours a week could do wonders for our local animal shelters. Giving to local animal shelters is a great opportunity too, in teaching the little ones in your life compassion and sympathy and they get the joy in helping those that can't help themselves.

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