The now-historic Tom's Diner in Denver gave a customer its two cents, by charging them 38 cents for a 'stupid question.' We all thought there was no such thing?

According to Fox News, Tom's Diner added a little something extra to a customer's receipt, which recently surfaced after that Tom's patron shared a picture on Reddit.

The photo shows that they were charged $2.99 for mashed potatoes, $9,00 for chicken tenders and $0.38 for one stupid question.

me_irl from r/me_irl

Before you think Tom's staff crossed the line, for those who have frequented the diner (which was saved by its customers after nearly getting demolished to make way for apartments), you may be aware that the menu actually states you can be charged a whoppin' $0.38 for a side of 'stupid question' (Fox shared a photo here).

However, it doesn't really clarify if you get charged for asking one, or if you just get one... like a side...

It's likely this customer knew what they were in for, but we're happy to see Tom's survive an ever-changing landscape in Downtown Denver. The mid-century diner is on Colfax, and near a lot of our favorite concert venues — a great place for late-night greasy food because it's open 24 hours.

Source: Fox News

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