This fail video is a little different than the ones that I normally choose for FAIL! Friday. Normally I feature idiots attempting stupid stuff, but today is more of a parenting fail that could have been a lot worse than it was. This video comes from Russia and I have said this before but it must be pretty common for Russians to have dash cams because there is a lot of footage that comes from there.

Anyway, this car is driving along when all of the sudden a car is spinning out of control into on coming traffic. It gets hit by a truck and you think that is the end of the video. That is until you look at it again and see a small child get ejected from the rear window and almost get ran over by a truck!

The one-year-old was just "laying" in the back seat of the the car. No car seat, not secured to anything, just laying there. The child suffered several facial lacerations and was also being evaluated for head trauma. It could have been a whole lot worse.


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