This might not be a good sign ahead of a marriage...

One of the funniest (to me anyways) videos I could find, showcased what happens when a great idea immediately turns into a hilarious fail video.

My man went all out for his soon-to-be-wife. They were vacationing in Iceland and they were outside in the middle of no where, when he decided to pop the question. The scenery was quite beautiful, and the stage was now set for a memorable proposal. Turns out, it was memorable for the wrong reasons...

The dude had a fancy drone that could fly on autopilot and lock it's camera onto one position. I'm sure she knew something was about to happen when he turned and set the drone up in the air, pointing straight down on them.

Things seemed to be going well, until he finally got around to pulling out his ring and popping the question. When the ring came out, for some reason, the drone malfunctioned and quickly came crashing down onto the ground.

We're not sure if she said yes or not, but maybe they can reshoot so we all can see what happened next.


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