When spring comes around, the first thing people think of is cleaning the house and getting things organized. So why wouldn't you do some "spring cleaning" when it comes to your relationship? Here are some highlights, and my two cents, from RantDating.com and their 10 things to guarantee you build and establish a strong relationship.

  • Spent Time With Other Couples

    It's always great to spend time with other people that are also in a relationship. Unfortunately, when you're in a committed relationship, a single friend or friends can lead to turmoil. I have actually witnessed how single fiends can lead other astray, and I'm not talking about the plot of your favorite romantic comedy. In real life, when this happens, there usually isn't a happy ending.

  • Take Advantage of Open Communication and Pillow Talk

    I'm combining two of Rants ten here... because I think they can go hand in hand. Don't keep secrets and be open about what you want and expect from the relationship and one-another. What better place to do this than in the bedroom. It a great place to open up and let your guard down... It's also fun on where this can lead... You know, to a night of solid and relaxing sleep.

  • Share a Hobby

    I love this one. It's always a great way to share experiences and learn from one-another. It can add excitement, depending on what you decide to do. Like sky diving or rock climbing. But if you're a little more down to earth like my wife and I, this wold involve antiquing and refinishing furniture.

  • Have a Date Night

    I have said this on many occasions. A heathy relationship takes work, and just because you two have said "I do," it doesn't mean you get to stop dating. If you're at that place where things have gotten "routine," then add a designated date night every month to keep the romance alive... and if you have kids, get a sitter and leave them home.

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