A big congratulations to Mrs. Jones from Windsor Charter Academy four being our nomination for Teacher Tuesday this week!

Her nomination was sent in to us by the Bond family. This is what they had to say about Mrs. Jones:

"She is an amazing person. I think anyone can be a teacher but it is hard it this day in age to be a great teacher. Mrs Jones is know for getting to know each student individually. My husband and I met with her and discussed some academic concerns we had for our daughter. Mrs Jones told us that she really focuses on the whole being. She said her focus for Isabel was to help build her confidence and with that everything would fall into place.
We told Isabel she was over half way through the school year. Her response was "mom time is flying, I feel like school just started, Mrs Jones is awesome." We are very thankful for Mrs Jones and would like her to be recognized for her greatness. I was talking to a mom, whose son had Mrs Jones two years ago. The mom told me that Mrs Jones was a one of a kind teacher. She went to one of her sons basketball games a couple of months ago. She is truly a great person, in every aspect of life! I think she deserves to be recognized as often as she can and this award she definitely deserves. Thank you for your time. I hope you pick Chrissy Jones!"

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