Dear World: Hi, I'm Shelby and I don't give two s***s about Pokemon Go and this is why. (Please send all hate mail to 600 Main Street, Windsor.)

Carl Court / Staff/Getty Images
Carl Court / Staff/Getty Images

As someone who uses a cellphone without bells and whistles (OK, yes it's a burner phone, see below), I didn't think there could be anything more irritating out there than SnapChat. I was wrong. I know that writing while heated is like grocery shopping while hungry, and what I'm about to say is going to offend some people, and even some of my friends. It's really not my intention to shame or offend anyone, this is just what I think should be considered.

I've heard some people argue that Pokemon Go has been a positive technological fad, because it's getting people who normally don't leave their houses motivated to go outdoors and walk around. Yeah, now we just have a bunch of kids walking around outside *still* only looking at their phones. How great.

In fairness, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and if you do like it, and think it's great then that is fine, and we can even still be friends. But...

Have you ever had to spend time with a bunch of people that only reference their inside jokes, or talk about people you don't know? That's kind of my life right now thanks to Pokemon Go. As if texting wasn't bad enough, I really wish that I could still go out with people, and feel like I had their undivided attention. That's really my biggest annoyance right now.

Please, excuse me for just one moment while I climb up onto my soapbox, but when I go out with others; family, friends, co-workers, my phone stays in my bag. Sometimes I'll even leave it behind, because it's just not that important to me when I have the company of other people around me. If you want to go out and play it, then go out an play it. Meet up with other people who want to play it. -- But, if you're hanging out with people who aren't playing it, then don't play it.